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My Mother, My Hero  / Christine Miller (mom)  Read >>
My Mother, My Hero  / Christine Miller (mom)

My mom suffered so much from Inflammatory Breast Cancer, we thought she was disease free, but she wasn't, she died anyway, I still hurt so much!! She passed on August 23, 2007.

I wish with all my heart someone, God anyone finds a cure for this dreadful disease.

Life with out mom is unbearabel most days, but I know she is not hurting or sick anymore that she is with God!!

I really do think my mom is a hero, she put up with so much in her life just to raise her kids, she loved us dearly, she is a wonderful mother, and I miss her so much, she is a very special person not to just me, but alot of people.

Love you mom, your daughter Chris

My Mother kept a garden  / Karen Wormuth-Grant (Daugther)  Read >>
My Mother kept a garden  / Karen Wormuth-Grant (Daugther)

My Mother kept a garden, A garden of the heart, She planted all the good things that gave my life its start. She turned me to the sunshine and encouraged me to dream, Fostering and nurturing the seeds of self-esteem...Her constant good example always taught me right from wrong- Markers for my pathway that will last a lifetime long. I am my Mother's garden . I am her legacy- and I hope today she feels the love reflected back from me.  HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY mom on 5/11/08, I love you more than ever and I miss more than words can say...Till we see each-other again some day, you are always and forever in my heart.      LOVE KAREN

Our first Mother's Day apart  / Mom,I Miss You So! This Is The 1st Year (with you not here to share the day with. )  Read >>
Our first Mother's Day apart  / Mom,I Miss You So! This Is The 1st Year (with you not here to share the day with. )
 Mom, I miss you so much.You gave me so many memories of our time together that I will hold in my heart. I miss going places with you,shopping,out to eat,road trips,and especially to the ice cream stand now that they are open.You are forever in my heart till we meet again. You are so missed by family and friends. You will forever be in our hearts. Please give our Brett a hug OK,Love you both!!!!!Virginia Close
happy mothers day  / Deb(dwaynesmum) (daughter)  Read >>
happy mothers day  / Deb(dwaynesmum) (daughter)
my dearest mum,i hope u are doing ok in heaven now that u have dwayne with u,i miss u both so much that it is so painful to even breath,mum please look after him and tell him i'll see u both soon,i no i will.also tell dwayne last year when he said happy mothers day to me twice once on the wrong day (the weekend before) and then on the actual day i will hold those two happy mothers days in my heart for ever,god i miss u both.i know if u were still here on earth when dwayne was murdered it would have killed u,so i am glad u were there to take his hand and help him cross over,but mum i need u to help me get through this too.yr never to old to still need yr mum,and i need u,but dwayne needs u too,i dont think i could survive this if i didnt think u were there to help dwayne and love him as u loved him on earth,well my beautiful mum have a happy mothers day,tell dwayne i love him with all my heart.your heart broken daughter deb xoxoxox Close
In Loving Memory of My Mother Dottie Prins  / Eileen Venturi (Daughter)  Read >>
In Loving Memory of My Mother Dottie Prins  / Eileen Venturi (Daughter)

  This is in tribute to my Mother, one of the strongest women I have ever met.  My Mother never had an easy life but she always found the strength to go on.  She lost her son (my brother) and her husband(my father ) within 11 months of each other and then her mother 11 months later.  During this time I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure and my mother was my strength.  Although she was devastated over her recent losses she put her feelings aside to be with me through everything.  My mother just passed away on April 21st 2008  at the age of 64.  My Mother will always live on in my heart. 

Mom I hope you have finally found peace and I know you are in Heaven with Dad & Thomas.  I miss you so much and I will always love you.

Until we meet again


In loving Memory of Mami (May 1916 - Feb. 2006)  / Erna Dirksen (Daughter)  Read >>
In loving Memory of Mami (May 1916 - Feb. 2006)  / Erna Dirksen (Daughter)

Liebe Mami:

Happy Birthday! Your presence continues to be missed! You were the Best!

Your Sasa

In Memory of our Sister-In-Law LaVerne Banks  / Ken And Ellen (Sister-In-Law)  Read >>
In Memory of our Sister-In-Law LaVerne Banks  / Ken And Ellen (Sister-In-Law)

Dear LaVerne ...

Just a note to let you know we are thinking about you, and that you are missed by all of your family.  It does not seem possible that you have been gone since ..... September 3, 2005.

Carole and Dave are doing a GREAT job with Gayle, we all know that she was one of your biggest worries before we lost you. 

We will be thinking of you, Carole & Dave, Gayle, Nadina and the boys this Mothers Day.  We all know how much each of them miss having you here.

Just know that your on all of our minds, in our thoughts, and in our prayers.

Love and miss you,

Ellen and Ken

Roz, we love you and miss you  / Karen Nieman (daughter-in-law)  Read >>
Roz, we love you and miss you  / Karen Nieman (daughter-in-law)
Roz, you are missed so much.   I know you watch over us and are taking good care of Kayla too.  You and my Mom are probably the best of friends in heaven.  I always knew you would like each other.  Hannah resembles you a lot and may even have some of your personality.  I think she has some of you and my Mom in her.  She is a very spirited and strong willed little girl.  Luke is turning into a very nice and sensitive young man.  He is sweet and loving and we hope he stays that way as he gets older.  He still remembers your beautiful long fingernails.  I was shocked that hed did since he was so young.  We love you and miss you very much.  Happy Mother's Day. Close
Mom, I love you and miss you very much.  / Karen Nieman (Daughter)  Read >>
Mom, I love you and miss you very much.  / Karen Nieman (Daughter)
My Mom has been gone for 17 years now and it still hurts that she is not here to see how my life has changed and what a wonderful man I married and what wonderful grandchildren she has and is missing out on.  She always wanted to be a grandma and all though we wish that our precious Kayla would have lived, at least Mom has a grand daughter in heaven with her now that she can love and hold.   That makes me happy for the both of them.  Mom, I miss you all the time and wish I still could call you up and talk to you.  I love you and I am missing you this Mother's Day.  Close
Mary Hodges (April 23,1923 - January 6, 2005)  / Ginny Theobald (Mom)  Read >>
Mary Hodges (April 23,1923 - January 6, 2005)  / Ginny Theobald (Mom)

I not only remember my mom on Mother's Day, but every day of the year.  My mom passed away on Jan 6, 2005.  Her birthdate just passed, she was born on April 27, 1923. 

Live if for the living, but life continues, we don't take our money, or material things with us when we leave this life.  What we take with us is the memories and that is what we live behind to our loved ones as well.  I have some wonderful memories of my mom, and I am trying to make those wonderful memories with my children so that when I leave, I will take the memories but also leave my children with the memories.

I can still see her beautiful green eyes, and her smile, that memory will stay with me forever!

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I would not be the person I am today had it not been for you....  I love you!

Love your daughter,


Remembering My Beautiful Angel  / Mercedes Graham (Sister)  Read >>
Remembering My Beautiful Angel  / Mercedes Graham (Sister)
    It will be almost four years since you went to heaven. I cannot stop thinking about you. It has taken me three years to forgive the person who has taken you away from us. This Mother's Day it will be a little better to grieve for you without feeling my heart shattering in many pieces. I put my trust in God because with him all these are possible. There are times it becomes hard for me to cope and think about not having you around. I want to say that I will forever love and miss you. Being that you were a daughter first then became a mother, sister, aunt, but most of all a very special grandmother makes you the greatest human being ever. When I think of the person that you were I can truly say that you have been my hero. You stand a very proud woman with many qualities that may you the person you have always shown to be. I want to thank you for always being there. I know each year as I continue to heal my wounds are going to become lighter. You are truly miss by all of us. Mother is very proud of you. As this Mother's Day approach I want you to have a very special one because you deserve the many blessings that comes along with it. May God continue to bless you for all of us until we meet again. I love you forever and ever.    Close
I miss mom...  / Christina Champagne   Read >>
I miss mom...  / Christina Champagne
It has not been the same since my mom Mary Guertin lost her battle with breast cancer.
But as we look to the future we have all in one way or another lost the battle. But began a new one The battle to fight and to be aware after she passed away I got my first mamogram So there is a valuable lesson Thank you mom for all that you did all all that you were...Love forever Christina
Mother's Day 2008  / Lydia Burns (My Mom and Son )  Read >>
Mother's Day 2008  / Lydia Burns (My Mom and Son )
We are just two of many parents
Whose wonderful child has died.
We may find support and kindness
But still we hurt deep down inside.

There are also so many children
Whose parents are no longer at their side
They too feel the pain and sadness
In everything they do in their lives

We walk a path not chosen
We live each day with grief
Still the days come and go
And we feel there’s no relief.

We can’t change what has happened
Although we wish we could go back
To a time when we could hug our kids
And talk, and love and laugh.

Our friends will never realize
What they have added to our lives
Their our earth angels who can share our grief
And let us talk and ask the “Whys”

This Mother’s Day my wish would be
That we share the love we’ve lost
With those that need that helping hand
For kindness and caring have no monetary cost.

Mother’s Day 2008
Lydia Regina Burns 

SENDING MY Condolences  / BRITTANY ROBERTS   Read >>





In memory  / Danielle Moore-Baskins (Daughter)  Read >>
In memory  / Danielle Moore-Baskins (Daughter)
This is in memory of my mother Cara Lou Moore who lost her battle with melanoma on August 30, 2006. You will forever be remembered. I love you, and I still miss you every day. I am thinking about you this mothers day, and wish I could share it with you. Lilies are blooming everywhere and they smell so nice! I'll pick some for you! Close
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